How the Certification Process works

Welcome to The Black Stock Market Program's certification process.

A brief layout of the series of certification exams for The Black Stock Market Program are included below. This means that as you go through the material, you now have the option of taking a series of exams to communicate that you've gained a solid understanding of the concepts, functions, history and theories of the stock market.

The exams are not easy, but I am going to be there with you. To help you prepare, there should be a series of lectures within your course materials that will help you to prepare for the tests.

The sequence of exams (there are five of them and you can get a certification for passing each one) will proceed as follows:

Exam 1: Stock market basic concepts

Exam 2: Secondary concepts and dynamics

Exam 3: Securities laws, investor protections and ratios

Exam 4: Investment theory and principles

Exam 5: Financial History and Investing vehicles

If you can't make the live sessions, have no fear! All prep sessions and powerpoint slides are going to be included in your course material.

Please take care and have a wonderful day.


Dr Boyce Watkins

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